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No matter how rough the winds of adversities blow, don’t be afraid. You are more powerful than you could possibly imagine. You can persist and persevere beyond your perceived mental and physical strengths. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of trials and tribulations, remind yourself that God is on your side. You are not  [ Read More ]


If you find yourself in the face of a great adversity, never hesitate to call on God’s name to come to your rescue and set you free. When it seems like everything is falling apart, have faith in God and all will be well. Put your trust in God to always guide and protect you in all  [ Read More ]


We are all capable of experiencing a life of great success and happiness. However, in order to be able to live fully in life, you must continuously work on yourself to develop a lot of abilities and capabilities that lie within you. Learning to effectively deal with your personal and social life is very necessary  [ Read More ]


If you want to succeed at living your life with a strong positive purpose, you must try your best not to allow your life to be controlled by your ego and distorted thinking habits. If it is your desire to do better in the future, you must seek for ways to effectively train your mind with continuous  [ Read More ]


This inspiring post will feature some good inspirational and motivational quotes from children’s books. This post is full of a lot of encouraging words that we can all apply in our day to day lives to experience more positive outcomes in our lives. Even though that the quotes below come from children’s books, they still apply to  [ Read More ]


I have countlessly heard nemerous positive inspiring quotes and movie lines from classic movies and popular tv series that gave me some insights about achieving a life of success and happiness. I am in the habit of always reflecting on many of the positive messages that I come across on in my day to day journey  [ Read More ]


Some inspirational and motivational movie lines and quotes from popular fictional movies teach us that no matter where you are in life, always guard your mind from people’s negative oppions of your abilities and capabilities. You are not in this life to allow others to live your life for you. You aren’t on earth to  [ Read More ]


Life is a beautiful journey, but when one invites negative beliefs to dwell in one’s mind, one’s existence would inevitably become a very unpleasant journey. Living a fulfilling life start from nurturing your mind with the right beliefs and thoughts that are only there to work in your favor despite your circumstances. It is impossible to experience a positive  [ Read More ]


It is hard to live in fear and doubts when one starts to truly believe that God is in total control of one’s life and in charge of the things that go on all around us. It is definitely time for you to stop hiding and start living. God has prepared so many good things for  [ Read More ]


Life is quite beautiful if you occupy your mind with the presence of Jesus. It is impossible for you to live in misery if you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal savior can never be held back by fear and doubts. They cannot be discouraged by  [ Read More ]


Trials and tribulation are only temporary to those who always call on Jesus to come to their rescue. No level or trial and tribulation can turn your into a life of failure without you betraying your destiny with negative beliefs. God is with you and without Him on your side, you will never be broken by  [ Read More ]