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Archive for the ‘Bible’ Category

Reading the bible is very beneficial to the mind. It can bring clarity to a mind that’s very beaten and troubled by the darkness of negativity. Your mind needs consistent words of positive encouragement. Fortunately, the holy bible is full of so many inspirational, motivational, and enlightening words. The more that you read the bible and practice  [ Read More ]


These inspirational and motivational bible verses, scriptures, passages, quotes, or readings on when you are in need of mental or physical strength, God’s guidance and protection, God’s blessings, peace of mind, mercy, love, clarity of your life, comfort, a revelation, getting God’s help with fighting devil and his demons, and  God’s wisdom and understanding are very inspiring  [ Read More ]


Place your faith and hope in the Lord your God and He would bless you the courage, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and mental strength you need to be victorious in your life’s journey. You are absolutely nothing without God’s guidance and protections. It is time that you stop trying to fight all your battles on your own.  [ Read More ]


No one was born to be a stranger in the land of success and happiness. Even if your current circumstance is poverty, your destiny isn’t. It is a matter of what you consistently do from now onward. The Lord our God is always with us in all that we do, but we must learn to have faith and  [ Read More ]


In all that you do in life, always make some time to seek for God’s wisdom and understanding. Your own worldly knowledge about life will never be sufficient enough to get you out of some life’s trials and tribulations. God’s wisdom is the best wisdom there is. We are nothing without God’s guidance, protection and understanding. We cannot  [ Read More ]


These bible verses, scriptures, passages, messages, quotes and images about find success and happiness, circumstances, Jesus, God, having a peace of mind, faith, hope, trust, Burdens, love, mental strength, trials, tribulations and worries are full of great inspirational and motivational words that can uplift our minds to build the mental strength and courage to face  [ Read More ]