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Sponsors is an international inspirational website that features inspirational quotes, proverbs, poems, words of wisdom, sayings, videos and much more. This site is built with the purpose of spreading positivity from coast to coast and shore to shore. Our core vision is to enlighten people’s minds with positive messages from different intellectuals from the past and the present. Some of these intellectuals have honorably served their time on earth; but their legacy will still live on. However, some are still serving the earth and bringing more awareness to the positive foundation that was put in place by some influential people that came before them. They all speak from different perspectives, but their various views about life are all governed by positive principles.


Knowledge is power.  Its power provides us with the ability to choose happiness over misery, love over hate, good over evil, peace and unity over conflicts, respect over dehumanizing others, humility over pride, wisdom over ignorance and arrogance, sharing with one another over selfishness and greediness, integrity over untruthfulness and much more. When we become more enlightened about life, we then become better positioned to make wiser decisions and take effective actions in life. The journey to success and happiness starts from understanding what your true purpose in life is. As well as understanding what your core moral values in life should be. The future bears no hope when a person fails to realize their true purpose on earth. So therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that people understand the steps that lead to a self-fulfilled life. We only live life once; this means that we have no other option than to make it count successfully and happily.


A positive world breeds people who dwell in peace. A peaceful world creates unity among all; regardless of the differences that they might have with one another. However, the key to creating a positive world is by continuously spreading positivity to the people of the world. The more that people hear or see positive messages, the better their understandings about life get.


Furthermore, we at are very devoted to use all of our resources to help some self-help writers to bring some awareness to their positive works. There are so many unrecognized self-help agents out there, and we are absolutely here to give them all the exposures that they merit. The more positive concepts about success and happiness that we bring to this site, the better chance that we have in helping our audience to achieve self-fulfillment.


We truly believe that we can positively change so many lives through the help of other self-improvement agents. When many positive individuals come together to work tirelessly as one, positive changes then become inevitable. There is absolutely strength in numbers. Nothing on earth can dare to stop a positive movement led by people with the right mental attitude about life. Hard work, faith and hope turn impossibility to become possible. Let the sky be the only limit that we can settle for. Victory is the only destiny that echoes in our minds, and we are here to proclaim it with all our hearts. A world that is absolutely free of negativities is the best gift that we can offer to our future generations.



Edmond Mbiaka