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Bible verses are very important for our day to day lives. A life without a positive direction is guaranteed to lead to so many unnecessary complications. We all have a positive purpose on earth; even though that many people are yet to realize and connect with theirs. Reading bible verses can definitely help one to connect with one’s positive inner voices in order to find peace of mind and live a purpose driven-life. God is a very gracious and merciful Father. He is always willing to forgive us from our sins and give us a fresh start in life. He is a very forgiving and loving Father. So, never hesitate to confess all your sins to Him in your prayers. There is non like Him, and will never be. As long as you consistently do your part with courage and faith, whatever you ask Him through His Son Jesus Christ would surely come into manifestation. He that is with Him will never lack His heavenly joy, guidance, protection, grace and blessings. God’s direction is the best meaningful path to take on earth because He brought us into this world and knows what’s absolutely best for us. Enjoy these bible verses, scriptures and passages about God’s word, love, grace, mercy, salvation, strength, protection, guidance and wisdom.

Psalm 46 1 bible verses, about The Lord our God is our refuge and strength - God is always a very willing an ready to help us in times of trouble - a present help - Images

God has already instilled in you the mental strength and courage to walk through life with a mind that isn’t full of uncontrollable fears and doubts.

mathew7 7 bible verse about asking, seeking, knocking, ask, seek, knock, given to you, you shall find, it will be opened for you

Our Father in heaven is a great provider. He is the greatest problem solver.

Bible scripture - verse about focusing in the past - living in the present

Today and days to come are full of God’s possibilities and opportunities. Try not to let your past distract you from receiving your present and future blessings.

Bible Proverbs about feeling safe with Go - God's protection

God’s name is the greatest shield for your life and destiny on earth.

Jeremiah Bible Verse about God's thought of peace for you, and not the thoughts of evil, He is willing to give you a bright future and a hope for better days and better blessings

God’s thoughts and plans for you are full of blessings, love and happiness.

Bible verse about seeking the kingdom of God first - His Blessings - His righteousness - Will be - Given to you

seeking the kingdom of God is our top priority on earth.

Bible Proverbs about teaching a youth the righteous way to live

If you want to guide a youth on the right path in life, nurture his or her mind frequently with the word of God.

The book psalm 30 5 verse about God's anger and favor - endure - joy

God’s unconditional love for us endures forever.

Bible Verses Quote about being joyful, patient and faithful - hope - affliction - prayer

Learn to pray to God our heavenly father in good and bad times. Be patient and persistent in times of struggles, challenges and obstacles. Always place your faith in Him no matter what condition you find yourself in. He is a God that will never fail on His promises to us.

Bible Proverbs about relaying on your own understanding or wisdom - Seek on God's direction for your life - Don't sepend on your own worldy understanding of life

Focus more on God’s guidance through your inner positive voices instead of always going by your worldly wisdom and understanding.

John 8 36 bible verse about being set free by the Lord Jesus Christ - Image - Images - Scripture - Bible Passage

God would free you from your worldly burdens, fears, worries, and doubts if you come to Him for his guidance and protection.

1 John 4 8 - God is love - if you don't love others, you don't know God - Images - Images - Verse - verses

Life becomes more beautiful when you love God, yourself and others.

Bible Verses - Images - Image - God is always gracious, merciful and compassionate to His people - God is always slow to anger, and The Lord is rich in love

The Lord our God never fails to be gracious and compassionate upon us.

john 3 16 bible verse how God loves the world - eternal life

God’s love for the world is very unconditional.

Philippians 4 13 about the Lord who strengthens you - You can do all things through God - image - Images

Nothing in life is impossible through God’s guidance and protections.

Psalm verse about the Lord is my strength and my defense - The Lord is my salvation

Trust in God and believe that He is your true strength and defense.

Bible Verses about a husband, love, being a provider - a wife being a helper and manager - love - lead

Bible verses, scriptures and passages about God’s word, love, grace, mercy, salvation, strength, protection, guidance and wisdom.