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Archive for the ‘Strong’ Category

There is no denial that life never fails to throw some unexpected experiences at us. However, we were all born with the mental strength to stay strong in the midst of any of life’s adversities. Staying strong or weak in life is a matter of one’s thought pattern. It is  a matter of whether one is in  [ Read More ]


You only have a lifetime of existence on earth, and you must by any means necessary make it count happily and successfully. However, you must ensure that you approach each day with habits that work in favor of your destiny. Habits can either drive one to success or failure. Your habits will always determine the  [ Read More ]


A man is only as strong as the thoughts that his mind frequently dwells on. Edmond Mbiaka Quotes on Staying Strong|Quotes to Stay Strong “Build upon strengths, and weaknesses will gradually take care of themselves.” – Joyce C. Lock Quotes on Staying Strong|Quotes to Stay Strong “Don’t look down on anyone unless you are helping  [ Read More ]


You only have a lifetime to live on earth, but its duration is enough when lived with a positive purpose.  Choose courage over fear and love over hate. Choose actions over procrastinations. Let your heart beat with faith instead of doubts. Focus on the possibilities that lie in the future, and vow to never get  [ Read More ]


We all have the strength to persevere in all circumstances, but sometimes we allow our self-doubts to tell us otherwise.  Stay Strong Quotes –Quote byEdmond Mbiaka   A faithful friend is a strong defense; and he that hath found him hath found a treasure. ~ Louisa May Alcott   A man must be big enough to  [ Read More ]


A gentleman can withstand hardships; it is only the small man who, when submitted to them, is swept off his feet. –Confucius Inspirational Strong Quotes- Quote by   Accept challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. -George S. Patton   Pain is only temporary as long as one is not willing to  [ Read More ]


These strong quotes are very informative; they teach us how to effectively achieve a self-fulfilled life. Having a strong positive purpose in life is the first step to a self-fulfilled life. One must have a strong clear vision for the future in order to embrace so many blessings in abundance. Focusing your sight on the  [ Read More ]


Strong quotes are very effective enough to help us face some of our weaknesses and turn them into our strengths. We all have weaknesses in life, but identifying them and improving them can bring about some great positive changes in our lives. You can definitely improve your knowledge about life if you can be discipline enough to  [ Read More ]