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Everything that you positively desire can come to manifestation if you refuse to fill your mind with thoughts of fear and doubts. No one was born to spend their entire stay on earth living poorly and miserably. We all have the destiny for a life of success and happiness in abundance. However, we all have to put in our very best before God could finish the rest for us. God has already made all things possible, but you must have faith in Him and stop thinking that your goals and dreams are impossible. God has blessed you with an extraordinary inner strength; however, you have to ensure that you aren’t feeding your mind with thoughts that suggest otherwise. Negative thoughts will always serve as enemies to one’s success and happiness. However, it is very important that you understand that your happiness begins with you loving yourself. God loves you unconditionally even with all your imperfections, but you must also learn to love yourself unconditionally despite your circumstances and weaknesses.  With God’s guidance and protection, you have all that you need to persist and persevere in the face of adversity. There are always some solutions to your problems because your Father in heaven doesn’t believe in impossibility. God has already instilled in your mind upon birth, all that you need to face and triumph from all trials and tribulations. Stop being too hard on yourself for God has forgiven you from all your imperfections, but you must do your best to improve your life by thinking better thoughts, making better decisions, and taking more positive actions that your true positive purpose on earth demands from you. Your Success and Happiness are all Possible Through God -Your Goals and Dreams are Capable of Manifestation .

your-success-and-happiness-are-all-possible-through-God - goals - dreams - dream - goal - winning in life

Always believe in your God’s given abilities and capabilities no matter your overall circumstances in life, You are an extraordinary being that’s fully capable of achieving some extraordinary goals and dreams. Your mind is capable of coming up with the great ideas that a life of massive success is made of. This is because God has fully blessed you with the tools necessary for success and happiness to manifest in your life. Therefore, never hinder yourself from aiming much higher with your goals and dreams because of your fear of failure. You can excel in all your endeavors if you refuse to take failure as your final result. Living happily and successfully can become your new realities if you aren’t willing to bargain for anything less, along with having a strong faith in God’s favors. Your Success and Happiness are all Possible Through God.


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