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Archive for the ‘Christian’ Category

Jesus offered his life for you and I. He offered Himself so that we can all be free from all of our sins. He did so for us because He wants us to experience a positively fulfilled life on earth. He wants us to live a life of success and happiness. However, we have to call on  [ Read More ]


How do you expect to win if you are yet to start trusting and believing in yourself? How do you wish to live in the realities of your heart desires when you don’t even trust and believe in your abilities and capabilities? How do you expect to win when you aren’t even aware that God has already instilled in  [ Read More ]


God and Jesus are constantly watching over you in all circumstances. Jesus is your rock and salvation, but you must first acknowledge Him as your rock and salvation before He could guide you to the reality of your positive purpose on earth. Jesus keeps His promises no matter how big they are. He never fails  [ Read More ]


Believe in God and Jesus with all your heart because they can never fail on their promises to you. Your success and happiness are very important to God and Jesus. The want you to have the best possible experience on earth. They believe in the abilities that they instilled in your upon birth, but you  [ Read More ]


Christian quotes and inspirational images about God and Jesus are very inspiring and uplifting for our minds in our various day to day endeavors. They can unquestionably help to strengthen our faith, courage, confidence, patience, persistency and perseverance. They are also very capable of helping us to gain the best understanding and wisdom there are in life;  [ Read More ]