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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

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Infinite power of God profile picture

Have you called on the Lord? Don’t depend on someone else to call for you, to talk to God for you, or to direct your life                           “Call on My name,                          And I will answer.”        Zech. 13:9               “Call on Me in the day of trouble,                                  I will deliver you.”            Ps. 50:15  [ Read More ]

Be at peace Jesus profile picture

When you seek peace of mind through Jesus Christ, you would be absolutely guaranteed to find it in abundance. His plan for every single one of us is for us to live happily and successful. Nothing else in this world could compete with the level of peace that Jesus brings to every mind that believes  [ Read More ]

God is in control

It is definitely time for you to stop hiding and start living. God has prepared so many good things for you, but you wouldn’t be able to embrace them all if you are too busy hiding from your struggles, challenges and obstacles. You are more mentally and physically capable of transcending in every circumstance than  [ Read More ]

spirit of God profile picture

There is absolutely nothing to fear when you have Jesus in your life, He is greater than anyone or anything on earth, which makes Him the greatest protector in the whole universe. He can surely put an end to whatever it is that is causing you to worry day in and day out. But you  [ Read More ]

God's promise profile picture

People can disappoint you with their promises, but God will never fail you no matter how big His promises are. Whatever He says will always go accordingly. There is absolutely no one in this world that is close to being like Him. He is truly the answer to every single one of our problems. But it  [ Read More ]

Pray to Jesus Poem Profile Picture

“Accepts Nothing Less than Jesus Be satisfied with nothing less than the changes that Jesus brings to your life.   He is the Light of the world. He is the Life of the World. He is your Savior, you Lord, and your Friend   He has promised to come to you And abide with you.  [ Read More ]

be optimistic profile picture

When you allow yourself to experience the peace of mind that comes with accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal savior, you would never feel empty again on the inside. You would never again be weighed down by the negative things of the world. Most importantly, your life will never fail to have a positive  [ Read More ]

Inspirational poems about the meaning of life

It is very important to know that you have Jesus as your guidance and protection instead of living fearfully with a mindset that you in this world alone by yourself. There is a Mighty God in heaven that created you with the potential to live a life full of abundant blessings. However, life will always  [ Read More ]

Always Remember that Jesus sacrifices him life for us profile picture

The love that Jesus has for every one of us is very unconditional. His love endures forever. No one else other than Him could have dared to sacrifice as much as He did for us. He wants nothing but happiness and success in abundance for us. Regardless of all our flaws, He still wants nothing  [ Read More ]

Be patient - have patience profile picture

Be patient in all that you do in life. When it is your God’s given time for you to excel, nothing in this universe would dare to stop you from doing so. But until then, please continue to keep your patience alive. Every tangible thing in life takes time to come into manifestation. Therefore, you  [ Read More ]

feelind down profile picture

No matter what it is that you are going through at the moment, don’t ever forget that you are mentally built to endure and transcend. There is more to you than you could ever positively imagine. Your life could definitely be as great as the lives of the great people that you look up to.  [ Read More ]

Have trust in Jesus

Life is full of so many challenges and obstacles, which most of them come when we are least expecting them, that’s why we must learn to be mentally strong and ready to transcend to great heights. Perhaps, this is why it is very important that you place all your trust in Jesus Christ, so that  [ Read More ]