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Prayers and Bible verses on mending a broken heart are very helpful when it seems like everything else has failed. God wants us to live in peace. He doesn’t like to see us troubled and hopeless. Our happiness makes Him happy. He loves us more than our loved ones. His love for us is very unconditional. People can disappoint or betray us, but God doesn’t. In addition to His promise to never disappoint or betray us, He’s also very willing and able to mend the broken heart. Mending a broken heart brings Him great joy because He loves to see His children free of pain and misery. There’s nothing that God cannot help you to achieve in your life as long as you refuse to feed your mind with beliefs that are in complete disagreement with God’s promises to us all. You cannot expect God to change your situation if you keep perceiving your situation to be unchangeable. You can not expect God to mend your broken heart if you keep allowing yourself to negatively relieve the ordeal that lead to your broken heart. Therefore, even though that God is highly capable of mending the broken hearted, He at the same time expects one to strongly believe in His ability to make every impossibility, possible. Prayer and Bible Verses on Mending a Broken Heart – God Can Mend the Broken Hearted  – Scriptures – Passages – Verse.

A-Effective-Prayer-to-Help-Mend-a-Broken-Heart and the broken hearted - God - Jesus - Lord - christ - pray - Prayers.

Prayers have proven countless of times to be very magical. However, prayers are more effective when they are accompanied with faith and trust in God. A prayer without faith is less likely to be effective. No matter what you are going through in your life, God already has a solution that’s best for it. God is capable of blessing any human being with a life of abundance. He is the greatest healer and problem solver. He can undoubtedly mend a broken heart. However, He rarely performs Him miracles where His helping hands aren’t asked for. Therefore, He is more likely to mend the broken hearted if His mighty name is called upon.

God-can-mend-any-broken-heart-Bible-verses-for-the-broken-hearted - Holy bible - passages - scriptures - verse - words - messages.

There is not a broken heart on earth that God cannot mend if He is called upon to perform His heavenly miracle. Not only is He capable of mending the broken hearted, He is also capable of making one’s heart more peaceful than ever. His unconditional love can eradicate all pain and miseries. The Lord our God promised us all to be our rock and salvation; as well as our guidance of protection if we consistently place our trust in Him by putting Him on the lead of journey. The journey of life is usually complicated when one travels on it without placing God on the lead. God is always speaking to us through our inner positive voices, but we must learn to listen and follow His instructions that assured to lead us to life’s precious blessings and positive experiences. Therefore, you have to try your possible to put all your doubts and anxieties in His hands, and He would surely dispose them for you. Pray to Him as often as possible, and He would ensure that you aren’t a stranger to the land of success and happiness in abundance. Prayer and Bible Verses on Mending a Broken Heart – God Can Mend the Broken Hearted – Lord – Jesus – Messages – Word – Scriptures – Passages – Verse.


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