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Archive for the ‘God’ Category

Have faith in divine providence Have faith in the all wise, all powerful, and all merciful providence of God, who does all things well through His Son, Jesus Christ! God is in control! He has a purpose for your life! His purpose will prevail, if you will trust him, if you will expect His help,  [ Read More ]


Don’t limit God! When you choose to dwell upon your problems, your situation, your sickness, or your doubts and fears, your are forgetting that God’s power is infinite! His power is beyond our understanding and beyond what we can even imagine. All his power has been given to His Son. His right hand, the Lord  [ Read More ]


Protected by the hand of God! God’s promise has always been: “If you will be my people, I will be your God.” Come to the father through His Son, Jesus. Act like His child. Claim God as your Father. Claim Jesus as your savior and friend. For Jesus is Lord of all! He is the  [ Read More ]


Every imaginable dream comes with a strong possibility because there is not a single dream that is too big for God to illuminate His light of manifestation on. Edmond Mbiaka Inspirational God Quotes to Live By – Inspiring Godly Quotes   All that God requires of us is an opportunity to show what He can  [ Read More ]


Embrace your life with hope and faith, and start living it without fear, for there is no storm too strong for God to calm. Edmond Mbiaka  Inspiring and Uplifting God Quotes – God’s Quotes to Uplift Your Spirit – Word – Messages     “An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His  [ Read More ]


God quotes are very uplifting and enlightening; they teach us that when a person lives his life morally, God never fails to bless him abundantly for living his life righteously. A negative mind lives in the dark, and God and darkness don’t dwell together. He is a holy God, and He only dwells in a  [ Read More ]


A person with God never cries for the want of happiness, because God Himself is happiness. His happiness is enough to wipe away the pain and suffering from the minds that are troubled by the negativities of the world. But He only goes where He is invited, trusted, respected and honored. However, the only guaranteed  [ Read More ]