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Archive for the ‘Thoughts’ Category

Whatever thought that isn’t in agreement with the manifestation of your success or happiness doesn’t belong in your mind. Any thought that create fear or doubts in your mind isn’t in favor of your true destiny on earth. Your mind isn’t a shelter for negative thoughts. You weren’t born to self-sabotage yourself. Your life is  [ Read More ]


Our frequent negative or positive interpretations of our experiences will forever determine how we mostly feel about our lives. A life of misery is not a product of negative experiences. It can only come from failing to repeatedly place some positive interpretations on one’s negative experiences. We all have enough reasons to be happy with  [ Read More ]


Every single day that you are alive to witness on earth is an opportunity to reach for a higher version of you. There is no limit to how far you can travel in the journey of life if you refuse to mentally create an imaginary end to your journey. As long as your thoughts, decisions  [ Read More ]


You weren’t brought into this life to sit around and wonder what the world has to offer to you; rather you are here to stay active giving to the world the very best that you have in you. Edmond Mbiaka Thoughts for the Day|Thought of the Day|Quotes   Don’t say you don’t have enough time.  [ Read More ]


Inspirational deep thoughts quotes and images for a life of great success and happiness are very uplifting and inspiring due to the fact that they encourage us to think deeply about our lives and the world that we live in. Having a better understanding of life and how to achieve a self-fulfilled life must first be well understood in order  [ Read More ]


Quotes on thoughts teach us that we can make or break ourselves based on the thoughts that run in our minds on a day to day basis. But the sooner we start to understand the consequences of negative thoughts, the sooner we are likely to switch to positive thoughts that can lead us to a lot  [ Read More ]


Quotes about thoughts are very useful and important in our day to day lives, because our thoughts determine who we will become in the future. If you think positively, you will surely achieve positive results in the future. Whereas if you think negatively, nothing positive will manifest from your negative thoughts in the future. Your mind  [ Read More ]