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Archive for the ‘Love’ Category

These inspirational self-love quotes and images about understanding the true definition of love and learning to unconditionally love yourself regardless of your present circumstances, teach us that there is not a single reason good enough to love the gift of life that you are blessed enough to be experience at this very moment. There is no  [ Read More ]


There is no such thing as being positively fulfilled in life without understanding how much love that has for each and every ine if us. The love from God towards us is highly unconditional. His love is the only love that’s guaranteed to always remain unconditional. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect with all  [ Read More ]


Love is the key in heaven and earth! You may own many things. You may have many joys. You may have many blessings, But without love— These are nothing. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is always trusts. Love always perseveres. Love is not proud. Love is not rude. Love keeps through life, bringing  [ Read More ]


“The Lord is loving toward all He has made!” Ps. 145:13 Be strong and happy in Christ Jesus, by remembering that you come from the Lord, by remembering that all power comes through Him. for you belong to Jesus, and He is the word. He is the right hand of God. He is the Lord!  [ Read More ]


Sweeten the lives of others! Be a blessing to those you meet. Holding one another above yourself. Don’t sit in the seat of the scornful. Don’t stand in the place of the cynic. Don’t set your heart On the things of high estate. Rather, as Jesus said, “Love one another.” Be mindful of the things  [ Read More ]


His love is above everything! Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be disappointed, for the world, and all that is in it, belongs to Christ, the Lord. His love is above everything in your life. Jesus has not left you alone. He still stands at the door of your heart and knocks. If you will trust more  [ Read More ]


Fear not! For the love of the father through His son will sustain you! Fear not! God so loved the world that gave his only son. Jesus the son of God, promises, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” Matt. 11:28 If you put your trust in Jesus, you have no need to  [ Read More ]


Unconditional self-love and happiness inspiring images and quotes encourage us to always love and respect ourselves and others regardless of our flaws because the word “perfection” is a state of existence that no human being will ever achieve no matter how long or hard one strives for its reality. In other words, we must learn to  [ Read More ]


Cute inspirational love quotes and images for a happy life can definitely help us to understand what true love is truly made of; as well as what it takes to successful activate the positive feeling of true unconditional love in our various lives regardless of our circumstances and how big our achievements and possessions are. True love is something that  [ Read More ]


Sweet inspirational quotes and images about love teach us that we can never experience true happiness in our lives without unconditionally trusting, respecting, forgiving, and loving ourselves. Even if everyone on earth decides to love, respect, forgive, and trust you, if you don’t do the same for yourself, you would never get to experience what it means to  [ Read More ]


Inspiring Love quotes and images about loving yourself unconditionally are very Inspirational and educational when it comes to dealing with loving, trusting, accepting, and forgiving ourselves and everyone else around us. We can only experience the feeling of happiness in our lives by first learning to introduce our hearts to the spirit of unconditional self-love. Without self-love,  [ Read More ]