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Archive for the ‘Fear’ Category

Why do a lot of people live in fear? The answer to this question is something that we must all know if we desire to courageously walk through the journey of life happily and successfully. If we don’t clearly understand why many of us live in fear, how then could we learn to be courageous and  [ Read More ]


You could become very unstoppable with the guidance and protection of God and Jesus. You cannot become a helpless victim of fear if you convince yourself to believe that you were born to triumph in all circumstances. With God on the lead, there’s no reason to live in fear. Fear can only control your life if you repeatedly interpret it to  [ Read More ]


Why dare to spend the remaining on your time on earth living in fear and doubts when you already have everything that it takes to live with confidence, courage, faith and hope? Why dare to occupy your mind with thoughts of fears and doubts when you are capable of feeding your mind with thoughts of  [ Read More ]