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Enjoy the thrill of life with Jesus! Enjoy Jesus everyday Enjoy His guidance,            His protection,            His power,            His approval,            His friendship,            His wisdom, and             His presence. Enjoy the things that bring you close to Him.       Enjoy being patient.       Enjoy being Kind.       Enjoy being gentle.       Enjoy  [ Read More ]


It’s when you master the art of living in the present without fear and doubts that your future starts to shape up to reflect your mental imagination. Edmond Mbiaka Love Live Life Quotes|Best Life Quotes and Sayings to Live By|Living – Live Your Life   “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get  [ Read More ]


Always live your life the best way that positively fulfills your heart, even if the world doesn’t understand it. Edmond Mbiaka Living A Better Life Quotes|How To Live A Better Life|Live Life To The Fullest|Quote     A better life will come your way the second you get up and start walking toward it. ~Jason  [ Read More ]


The best thing that you can do for your life is to give it a dream, and the best thing that you can do for your dream is to give it some actions so that it gets to see the light of manifestation. Edmond Mbiaka  Live Life to the Fullest Quotes|Best Life Quotes All that  [ Read More ]


Life is truly how you see it. Some see it from the dark side and some see it from the bright side. Each side carries different consequences. But only one side assures happiness and success in abundance, which is the bright side that dominates the darkness that negativity brings. Edmond Mbiaka Great Life Quotes|Living Life  [ Read More ]


Live life quotes encourage us to live our lives to the fullest, because life can only be lived once. When a man’s lifetime is up on earth, it is gone forever. So enjoy it while you still have the chance. Tomorrow is not even promised, what we have is the moment, and we should make it  [ Read More ]