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Archive for the ‘Prayer’ Category

Prayers are very powerful when accompanied with faith. You can’t expect to receive God’s precious blessings in abundance if your mind lacks faith in God’s ability to change your negative conditions for better. Why spend each day living in fear when you could pray to God for His extraordinary guidance and protection, along with His gift  [ Read More ]


This post features some prayers to God and the Lord Jesus about when we are feeling the need to build a great character that aligns with our success and happiness in life; a prayer for when our trials and tribulations drive us to the point of us feeling overwhelmed; a prayer for the right positive mindset to face and defeat  [ Read More ]


God is always listening to our prayers and He’s very merciful enough to come to our rescue. He would never turn His back on us as long as we don’t stop acknowledging Him as our creator. There is nothing on earth that’s too big for God to change in our lives. He is always willing  [ Read More ]


A prayer for inner strength is very important in our day to day lives. The journey of life is very tough if you undertake on it without a strong mental strength. Some trials and tribulation can easily break one down mentally if one isn’t mentally conditioned to pressed forward with courage and faith. This is  [ Read More ]


A life without peace is yet to start living. Peace is definitely one of the most important urgent things that the world and everyone in it truly need. Peace is the beauty of the mind. We must learn how to be at peace with ourselves before we could succeed with living in peace with one  [ Read More ]


It’s very important that we don’t get in the habit of deceiving ourselves by always praying to God to help us succeed in life, but then turn around and don’t take a single action, but yet still expect God to perform a miracle. If you want God to do His part, you have to also  [ Read More ]