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Not everyone who is in the position of leadership is a true leader. Not everyone who has some followers can inspire them to strive and thrive in times of trials and tribulations. Some leaders are completely positive from others. Some operate on positivity, while others lead with some negative attitudes. Leaders are suppose to bring our the very out of their follower or workers without putting them. They are suppose to help them discover their true potential in life. This means that all leaders should help their followers or workers dig deep to discover their hidden abilities and capabilities. With that being said, there different main types of leaders, and I must say that learning about how they operate is very necessary, and can definitely help us to become better leaders if we find ourselves in leadership positions. According to Daniel Goleman, there are six main leadership styles, which are: Coercive, authoritative, coaching, affiliative, pacesetting and democratic leadership. Coercive and pacesetting styles of leadership are to main types of leadership that operate mostly with a very negative energy. Authoritative, coaching, affiliative, and democratic types of leadership are all positive leaders, but they still have some differences and similarities. Enjoy These Insightful Breakdowns of the Different Types of Leaders – Leadership Styles – How to Become a Good Leader.

different-types-of-leadership-leaders-leader - Coercive, authoritative, coaching, affiliative, pacesetting and democratic leadership. Coercive and pacesetting styles of leadership - leaders - leader - forms of leadership - - some leaders push their workers to do all the work without helping them - some motivate their worker by helping them realize their true potential - so like to take all the creadit, but barely contribuates to the decisions and actions that leads to success - some don't respect their followers, but always demands maximum respect from them - They always say I did it by myself instead of, we did it together.


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