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Archive for the ‘faith’ Category

There’s no other way to a victorious life than to walk through life with a mind that’s full of faith despite your circumstances at any given point in time. If all that you have in life is faith, there is still hope in the things that you seek. Jesus never promises and fails; rather, He usually  [ Read More ]


Faith is the root of all great success stories. Without it, the most that we could achieve in life are some mediocre and average achievements. Without faith, one’s life on earth would for the most part be only half lived. No matter how tough things get in your life, never dare to lose your faith in God. A life  [ Read More ]


Those who live their lives with a good conscience along with a strong faith in God and Jesus, will never lack a reason to be thankful for how blessed they are. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you deserve to have peace in your life. You are entitled to a life  [ Read More ]


Faith quotes help us to believe in our abilities to achieve the things that we seek, no matter how difficult or impossible they might look at the moment. In order to achieve something tangible, one has to have the motivation to stay consistent for however long it would take to achieve what one seeks. However,  [ Read More ]


Faith Quotes show us how to go throw different circumstances in life and still be hopeful for brighter days ahead. To turn impossibility into possible, one must learn to have faith and hope in their mind’s ability to lead them to the right path to self-fulfillment. Three of the things that all successful and happy people all have  [ Read More ]


Faith quotes are always needed to help us in turning our doubtful thoughts into positive and hopeful thoughts. The beginning of failure start from not having faith in one’s ability to triumph. A mind that lacks positivity usually lacks motivation at the same time. Without motivation and faith, the easiest task on earth can become the most  [ Read More ]