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Place your whole faith and trust in God and Jesus, and you would never have to worry about being disappointed. God created you because He strongly believes that your presence on earth would make a positive difference. He believes in your ability to live happily and successfully in the midst of any adversity. Your presence on earth is very well known to God. He sees the ins and outs of your daily activities. God and Jesus think about your wellbeing more than any human could. He made you in His own image and will always be with you to protect and guide you through all trials and tribulations. Placing your whole life in the mighty hands of God is the only freedom there’s to your existence on earth.  Stop chasing for love where unconditional love doesn’t exist, and realizing that you are already unconditionally love by God and Jesus. Place Your Faith and Trust in God and Jesus Because They Love You Unconditionally – The Lord Knows all About You and Has the Best Plans For Your Life.

Blieve-and-place-your-faith-and-trust-in-God-and-Jesus-because-they-know-everything-about-you-and-whats-best-for-you-put-your-decisions-and-actions-in-their-hands. uncondtional love.loving you unconditionally, God, Love, Christ, loves, love,

The Lord your God made you in His own beautiful image. The thought of you is always in His caring and loving mind. God will never hesitate to fight your battles for you no matter how big and dangerous they are. The Lord your God is your greatest refuge if you never seize to keep believing in His mighty power. Him and His son Jesus Christ love you unconditionally despite your imperfections of the past, present, and for the days, months, and years to come. God and Jesus have some amazing plans for you that are far beyond your greatest positive imagination. Through God and Jesus, you would forever find a life of freedom. The Lord is good to you, and will forever be good for your journey on earth. However, you must constantly remind yourself of the need to continuously place your trust and faith in God and Jesus.


It is important to live your daily life knowing that you are highly favored and accepted by God and Jesus. As long as they have accepted you, it doesn’t matter how many other people that decide to accept you or not. With God and Jesus on your side, all things would forever remain possible in your life if you place your full trust and faith in them. Through them, your life’s journey is secure and would always be, so far you don’t derail yourself from the path of your true destiny through negative thoughts, decisions and actions. You are highly significant through the guidance and protection of God and Jesus. Only you could stop yourself from a life of abundance by failing to listen to your positive inner voices that comes from God your creator.

My-identity-in-Jesus-Christ-about-the-kingdom-of-God-being-love-trustworthy-God-is-with-you-His-your-rock-and-salvation.- God and Jesus love you unconditionally - Unconditional love - loves

God is your true strength and redeemer. You can place your whole trust and faith in God without the fear of being betrayed. God is your stronghold, your shepherd, deliverer, salvation, and your alpha and omega. He loves you and will never seize doing so.

be-free-righteous-new-a-temple-of-the-holy-spirit-masterpiece-whole-in-christ-bold-through-Jesus-God-the-Lord - you are never alone because God is always with you - be bold - Jesus and God love you, and you should love them too.

Jesus has set you apart from everyone else because He has unique positive purpose for every single human on earth. You are a child of God who is the King of all kings. With Him on the lead, there’s no need to live in fears and doubts. No matter how many adversities that may come your way, you could transcend from every single one of them if you keep believing in your God’s given inner strength. You are unconditionally loved by God and Jesus, and you should in return learn to unconditionally love Good and Jesus. Place Your Faith and Trust in God and Jesus Because They Love You Unconditionally – The Lord Knows all About You and Has the Best Plans For Your Life.


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