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Archive for the ‘Jesus’ Category

Let the sunshine of the Son shine upon your life! You can shine right where you are in the light of Jesus. For even with your worries, For even with your worries, your troubles, and your disappointments, He still shines on you. Then reflect the love of God that shines on you through Jesus, the  [ Read More ]


Hearing about Jesus is not knowing Jesus! Accepting Him as the Lord, following in His ways, and daring to claim Him as your closest friend  — This is knowing Jesus! Abiding in His word, believing His promises, being forgiving, being faithful, being kind, judging no one, criticizing no one, not worrying living by faith, loving  [ Read More ]


Enjoy the smile faith! It comes by walking with Jesus in faith, knowing He is able to keep and protect anything you commit to Him! It does not come by walking with the deceiver, who encourages you to walk in sorrow and unbelief, to hold a grudge, and to have little petty hatreds. Instead, walk  [ Read More ]


Let Jesus stand in your place When trials come, when the temptations seem too much, when the weakness of your soul cries out, call out to Jesus, and ask Him to be with you. Whatever you’re going through, Put your burdens into the hands of Jesus. He will take care of them. For He is  [ Read More ]


Safety in the hands of Jesus   Don’t let the worries of the day   Separate you from the faith you have in the Lord Jesus.   All power has been given to Him   He is able to protect everyone   who believes in Him.   There is   Safety—in His hands,   Safety  [ Read More ]


Jesus is your everything! He is your truth, Your hope, and Your life! He is the guaranty of all that you need. He knows what you need! He will supply your needs if you will abide in Him, if you will ask Him, and if you wll trust Him for the results. For Jesus is  [ Read More ]


Stay plugged in! Stay connected to Jesus! Trouble come to everyone. Yet Jesus is the source of all that you need. When regrets, doubts, and fears start to pull your down, you’ve lost your connection with your source of strength. Plug back into the source of power, the source of forgiveness, the source of faith,  [ Read More ]


  Fence yourself in with Jesus! Fence yourself in with Him by speaking right, acting right, and living right. Do what is right, if only to protect yourself. For what you sow, you shall reap! Then by fencing yourself in With Jesus and His ways, by doing what is good, by doing what is right,  [ Read More ]


  Jesus cares for you! He hears your prayers. He feels yours aches and pains, your hurts, your disappointments, your sorrows, and your fears. He smiles with you in your joys. He holds you close when you hurt. He wipes away every tear Jesus stands at the door of your heart, waiting for you to  [ Read More ]


A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have loved one to another. Quotes by Jesus Christ|Words of Jesus|Jesus Quote   All of Jesus’s teachings center on  [ Read More ]