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It is very important that you introduce inspiring messages to your subconscious mind on a frequent basis. You can only become what your mind allows you to be through your conceived beliefs about your life and abilities. Success and failure are all products of the mind. Therefore, success cannot be achieved with the mindset, decisions  [ Read More ]


You only have a lifetime of existence on earth, and you must by any means necessary make it count happily and successfully. However, you must ensure that you approach each day with habits that work in favor of your destiny. Habits can either drive one to success or failure. Your habits will always determine the  [ Read More ]


The survival of every man’s true destiny depends on his consistent pattern of decisions and actions in his day to day life. Edmond Mbiaka Inspiring Quotes to Live by   If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you’ll find you’ve done it. ~ George B. Shaw, 1856 – 1950  [ Read More ]


A dream is like a marathon, many can start it, but only a few can finish it. Negative circumstances can only delay the manifestation of your dream, but only your own negative mental programming can deny the vindication of your dream from you. Permanent failure can only occur when one gets discouraged by his trials and  [ Read More ]


Inspire quotes help us to stay motivated on our day to day struggles, challenges and obstacles. We all need motivation to thrive in our daily endeavors. But we have to make sure that we put into practice the positive things that we learn, so that we can see them manifest in our lives. Knowledge has  [ Read More ]


Inspiring quotes are life changing, because powerful words from inspirational and motivational people have the positive power to help so many people to see the journey of life from a positive point of view. This means seeing the obstacles, struggles and challenges in life as part of the process of growing positively and building courage for future endeavors. We all need  [ Read More ]