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Archive for the ‘Kindness’ Category

The greatest mission in life, just be kind! Be kind. Speak gently. Smile often. Let the love of Jesus shine in your life daily.   Then the clouds of doubt will dissipate. The brightness of the Son will give you new hope in all you do. For Jesus will guide you daily, and His blessings  [ Read More ]


Take time to be kind! Jesus commands us to “love each other.” Jn 15:17 Then take time for the little things— the little kindness, the little deeds, and the little favors. Take time to consider the needs of others, by speaking a gentle word, by being patient, by being longsuffering, and by simply being worthwhile  [ Read More ]


Live out your life as proof of the truth! The disciples believed the love That God had for them. “We believed the Lord!” 1 jn. 4:16 They lived out their lives as proof of the truth that Jesus lives, that He abides in all believers, and that all His promises are true.   Do you  [ Read More ]


Kindness never fails! Have you been kind? Have you been patient, loving and forgiving? Jesus has said that anyone who gives even a cup of water in His name will not lose their reward. Mark 9:41 Matt. 10:42 For the Lord looks into your heart. He knows what you have done and why. He never  [ Read More ]


Kindness quotes are very inspiring, because they give us a reason to treat the people around us with love and compassion. We all deserve to be treated with kindness; however, it is our individual responsibility to make sure that we spread kindness around as well. No matter how unkind some people treat you, never allow their negative  [ Read More ]


Kindness quotes are very important, because they teach us how to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and also how to engage in peace and unity with others. We all want people to treat us with kindness, but we should at the same time be willing and able to treat other people with kindness before we can expect  [ Read More ]