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The more we feed some repeated positive words of encouragement to our minds, the more effective we are likely to become with our thoughts, decisions and actions. Our minds must be constantly nurture with positive self-talk if we wish to live in the realities of our positive desires. Life will always introduce us to positive and negative experiences regardless of how positive minded we grow to become. Our lives will never be completely free of negative experiences; so, this is why we have to learn to continuously feed our minds with some positive words of encouragement so that we don’t become discouraged by our negative experiences. Positive self-affirmations for Christians are full of encouraging words that are capable of strengthening our confidence and courage. They are also very capable of increasing our faith and trust in God, therefore making us very unstoppable on various endeavors in life. God created us all with the ability to triumph from all trials and tribulations. He created us with a mental strength that’s far greater than our struggles, challenges and obstacles. Once we give Him full control of our lives, victory would become ours forever  and ever. Positive Self-Affirmations For Christians – Pray to God to Grant You Peace of Mind When Dealing With Anxiety.

Positive-Self-Affirmation-for-Christians - Christian - Self Afirmations - Words of Encouragement

These positive self-affirmations for Christian are very helpful in conditioning our minds to become highly effective. If you don’t consistently feed your mind with positive words of encouragement, negative experiences and people wouldn’t fail to condition it to become very weak, fearful and doubtful. Therefore, it is very important that we constantly remind ourselves about all our God’s given abilities and capabilities. The more that we remind ourselves of them, the more mentally stronger that we are likely to become. These Positive self- affirmations for Christians can also help us to understand that we aren’t traveling in the journey of life alone.


Pray to God as often as possible for the inner strength to always press forward without limitations. Your problems are nothing to God, but you must call upon His mighty name for His heavenly guidance and protection. Your struggles, challenges, and obstacles are only a matter of you taking them to Him, and He would surely help you to realize the abilities and capabilities that he has blessed you with since your arrival on earth. You have to always have faith in God, and believe that with Him in your life, all things will always remain possible through persistence and perseverance. Always pray to Him to help you increase your faith in Him so that you don’t allow yourself to live in fear and doubts. Without fear and doubts, nothing on earth can succeed from hindering you from achieving success and activating your peaceful state of mind. You should also pray to Him to strengthen your positive beliefs, so that you don’t question or limit yourself from your true potential in life. Positive Self-Affirmations For Christians – Pray to God to Grant You Peace of Mind When Dealing With Anxiety.


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