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Prayers are very powerful when accompanied with faith. You can’t expect to receive God’s precious blessings in abundance if your mind lacks faith in God’s ability to change your negative conditions for better. Why spend each day living in fear when you could pray to God for His extraordinary guidance and protection, along with His gift of courage to persist and persevere in all circumstances? Why continue to worry about the things that prayers have consistently solved in the lives of others, when you could free your mind by adopting the habit of praying to God through Jesus Christ our Lord? As long as you condition your mind to continuously believe in God’s ability to introduce you to a life of abundance, you would never find yourself dwelling in the land of misery and failure. Life is full of endless temptations, and it’s very important that we pray to God as often as possible to give us the inner strength and self-discipline to resist our temptations no matter how irresistible they may seem. We should also say a frequent prayer to God about the mindfulness to always challenge and replace our negative thoughts with positive ones. A negative thought will always be an enemy of a positive life. Therefore, it’s very important that you keep your mind occupied frequently with positive encouraging words. A Prayer to God about Overcoming a Temptation – God’s Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Protection and Guidance – Challenge and Replace Your Negative Thoughts – Prayers – Lord – Jesus Christ.

The kingdom, glory to God, may your will to be done on earth, just as it is donw in heaven, hallowed be to God's name in heaven.

A prayer to Our Father in Heaven about His daily gift of life, forgiveness of our sins and the sins of others, our deliverance from evil, protection, guidance, and keeping us away from temptation.

a prayer about God's gift of serenity - courage - change - the things I cannot change - Lord - Jesus - Hardships - peace of mid

A prayer to God about the gift of serenity to bear the courage to change the changeable and to embrace the unchangeable, along with the great wisdom and understanding to know the difference between the things you can change and the ones you cannot change. As well as a prayer for Him to give us the spirit of gratitude to cherish every single moment in our lives without giving up on the hardships that come with the pathway to a peaceful life. Which in return should lead to the opportunity for us to live a happy life forever and ever.

Prayer-for-Gods-guidance-protection-and-defense-The-Lord-Jesus-Christ-prayers - God's mighty presence in your life.

A prayer to God about His mighty protection and defense. Calling on God to fight your enemies and negative thoughts for you, and also asking Him to defend, protect, and cover you with the blood of Jesus Christ.


A prayer to God for His gift of heavenly wisdom and understanding for better decision making. Having the wisdom to always think first about the consequences of your decisions and actions before moving forward with them, is very important for a life of great success and happiness.

Temptation-prayer-to-God-Lord-Jesus-Christ-prayers-about-overcoming-temptations - stumble - fail

A prayer to God about possessing the inner strength and courage to overcome every temptation in your life. Some temptations could seem bigger than your mental ability to resist them, but praying to God about strengthening your mind can definitely give you the level of self-discipline that you need to resist any temptation. With that being said, as long as you don’t seize to stop believing in God’s ability to lead you through all circumstances, adversities or temptations, you would always find a way to press ahead after stumbling or encountering failure in your endeavors.


A prayer to God about the inner strength to fight and overcome negative thoughts. Every negative thought is meant to be challenged and replaced because it has never came into anyone else’s mind with a positive motive to help materialize one’s true destiny. Negative thoughts don’t belong in your mind, and you must at all times challenge and replace them instead of entertaining and sheltering them in your mind. A Prayer to God about Overcoming a Temptation – God’s Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Protection and Guidance – Challenge and Replace Your Negative Thoughts – Prayers – Lord – Jesus Christ.


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