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This post features some prayers to God and the Lord Jesus about when we are feeling the need to build a great character that aligns with our success and happiness in life; a prayer for when our trials and tribulations drive us to the point of us feeling overwhelmed; a prayer for the right positive mindset to face and defeat life’s negativity; the mental strength to fight and overcome a very weary soul and gain peace of mind no matter the circumstances we are faced with. Prayers are the ultimate solutions to many of our struggles, challenges, and obstacles in life. God knows everything that’s best for us, and with prayers, He can make them all possible in our lives. We can’t expect to witness all our appointed blessings on earth if we never take some take out to pray to Him for His heavenly guidance and protection in our daily endeavors. He created us all with all the abilities and capabilities that we need to triumph in all circumstances, but oftentimes, our negative thoughts tend to get in the way of us realizing how blessed and powerful we are through God’s grace, mercies, guidance and protection. God is very capable of casting the light of a positive life in the midst of any darkness of adversity, but you must play your part by consistently accompanying your life with positive, thoughts, decisions and actions. Be Sure to Practice These Prayers For Peace in Your Heart, Overcoming Negativity, a Strong Character, a Weary Mind and Soul – Prayer For When You are Feeling Overwhelmed – God – Lord – Jesus.

effective-prayer-for-a-good-character - building a great character - Prayers - God - Jesus

This prayer for building a strong character is quite helpful because our true destiny on earth is always counting on us to approach our day to day endeavors with a sound character that’s fully aligned with our positive purpose on earth. Prayers are very important if we wish to experience most of our God’s appointed blessings in life.

Prayer-about-feeling-overwhelmed-with things - people - Seek for God to help you deal with the things that tend to overwhelm you.

This prayer for when you are feeling very overwhelmed with things or the people in your life is very helpful because even the strongest person out there has his or her weak moments. No matter how mentally strong we are, we are still humans and can be temporarily overwhelmed by some challenging experiences. Therefore, don’t allow yourself to be permanently broken down by your trials and tribulations. Always go to God and seek for Him to take the wheel of your life whenever you find yourself feeling very overwhelmed with your life’s situations.

prayer-against-a-life-of-negativity-negatvie-attitude-habits-behaviors-habit-behavior - Positive mental strength - God, Jesus, Christ, Lord,

Always go to thy Lord your God for the mental strength to always choose positivity over negativity. There’s no such thing as a being blessed with a life that’s completely free of negative experiences. Therefore, we have to pray to God very often to strengthen our minds so that we could positively interpret our negative experiences on a frequent basis.

prayer-for-peace-of-mind-happiness-joy-peaceful-heart - living a happy life - prayers to God and Jesus

Praying for a peaceful state of existence is a prayer that we should always say because a life without happiness could easily be argued as not being a meaningful existence. God is always listening to your prayers and always willing to grant you your wishes, but you must ensure that you frequent thoughts, decisions, and actions aren’t standing in your own way of receiving God’s appointed blessings for you.

effective-prayer-for-when-you-are-feeling-weary-about-your-soul - prayers to God, Jesus and to the Lord for when you are feeling very burdened with a weary soul.

This is definitely a good prayer for the feeling of a weary soul. Dealing with the burden that comes with the heaviness of a weary soul is very tough when you travel alone without allowing God to take the lead of your existence. The Lord your God is capable of lifting any burden from your soul no matter how heavy it may seem. He’s powerful enough to completely set your mind, body, and soul free by lifting all your burdens off your shoulders. Jesus loves you more than anyone on earth could, but you must learn to place your trust, hope, and faith in His ability to always come to your rescue whenever you call upon His mighty name. Prayers For Peace in Your Heart, Overcoming Negativity, a Strong Character, a Weary Mind and Soul – Prayer For When You are Feeling Overwhelmed – God – Lord – Jesus.


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