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Why dare to spend the remaining on your time on earth living in fear and doubts when you already have everything that it takes to live with confidence, courage, faith and hope? Why dare to occupy your mind with thoughts of fears and doubts when you are capable of feeding your mind with thoughts of positive encouragement. If you want to experience a life of success and happiness in abundance, you must keep doubts and fears away from your mind. Doubts and fears only serve as enemies to one’s God’s given destiny. You are much more mentally stronger than you might be perceiving yourself to be. Your potential on earth has no realistic peak to it because it’s quite endless. As long as you don’t get in your own way with negative thoughts, you would be unstoppable on your path to massive success and unconditional happiness. God’s promises to us will always come to pass as long as we don’t fall short of fulfilling our own part of the bargain. You can’t expect to excel with your goals and dreams if your are always entertaining your mind with thoughts of fears and doubts. Where there’s no positivity, negativity tends to make its way in quite easily. Where there is no courage, fear tends to always be in control. Where confidence and faith seize to exist, that’s where doubts usually go to seek for shelter. With that being said, it is very important that we constantly occupy our minds with thoughts of positive encouragement. Without the presence of constant positivity in our minds, we are more likely to become highly vulnerable to all kinds of negative thoughts and evil forces. Stop Living in Doubts and Fears, and Start Finding Confidence, Courage, Faith and Hope in God.


Stop living in doubts and fear - God is your courage and guidance and protection - don't worry about your troubles, you surely have Jesus, the Lord your God within you and always will to take you higher in life - there is no reason to live in doubts and in fear when you God is the greatest on earth and in the whole universe.

This very moment is calling on you to stop being afraid and start pressing forward with confidence, courage and faith. It is reminding you that your future self is counting on you to stop living in fears and doubts, and start pressing ahead with a forward-driven mental attitude. Living in fear is clearly an act of not believing in your God’s given inner positive strength. Having continuous doubts in your mind is a sign that you aren’t in touch with your inner positive voices that keep reminding you of how great your abilities and capabilities in life are. You have to vow to yourself to never get in your own way of climbing towards the pinnacle of your God’s given destiny. You have to promise yourself that no matter how successful or happy that you become, you must keep searching for more ways to keep growing. However, it all boils down to guarding your mind against thoughts that create fears, doubts, and other limitations in your life. Stop Living in Doubts and Fears, and Start Finding Confidence, Courage, Faith and Hope in God.


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