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If you want to succeed at living your life with a strong positive purpose, you must try your best not to allow your life to be controlled by your ego and distorted thinking habits. If it is your desire to do better in the future, you must seek for ways to effectively train your mind with continuous words of positive enlightenment. You can’t expect to do better in life while still holding on the mentality that have consistently hindered your from moving in the direction of your true potential. To become the best possible version of your true self, you must get rid of behaviors and habits that aren’t capable of elevating you on the ladder of success and happiness. With that being said, you should try your possible best to stay away from the habits of blaming, emotional reasoning, mind reading, heaven’s reward fallacy, being right, filtering, castastrophizing, control fallacies, polarized thinking, personalization, global labeling, fallacy of change, overgeneralization, and making excuses. You are the only one that’s capable of pushing yourself to the pinnacle of your destiny or pulling yourself very far away from its reality. Everything that you need to excel greatly in life is already within your reach, but you must ensure that you don’t adopt some negative habits that could hinder you from seeking and discovering your hidden abilities and capabilities in life. You cannot drastically change your life without letting go of the people, things, and habits that only come into your life to derail you from becoming a better version of your true positive self. The earlier you let go of your distorted thinking habits, the sooner you would start to realize the true joy and beauty of your life. In addition, your future self is always counting on you to starve your ego by constantly attending to the positive demands of your soul.

Live your life in ways that fulfill the things your soul desperately seeks. Understanding that you should always attend to the demands of your soul rather than your ego, is unquestionably a great sign of wisdom. If you allow your ego to control your thoughts, decisions and actions, you would starve yourself from the blissful feeling of inner positive fulfillment. You only have a lifetime to live on earth, and it would be sad not to consistently attend to the hunger of your soul by allowing positivity to take the wheel of your existence. Distorted Thinking Habits – Starve Your Ego and Feed Your Soul.

These types of distorted thinking are quite interesting because far too many people live their daily lives with some of these habits without realizing their unfulfilling effects in their lives. Too many people are in the habit of overgeneralization, fallacy of change, polarized thinking, making excuses, control fallacies, pointing finger, emotional reasoning, filtering, and other distorted thinking habits. The quality of your life will never seize to depend on your frequent patterns of thinking. You must try the best that you can to protect your destiny and peace of mind with the habit of positive thinking. Nothing on earth could succeed in helping you if you refuse to help yourself first with continuous enlightening words of positivity. If you don’t let go of your distorted thinking habits, it would without hesitation stand in your way of living fully. Let Go of Your Distorted Thinking Habits – Starve Your Ego and Feed Your Soul –



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