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We all have all the abilities and capabilities that a life of greatness is made of. Your life can only be as beautiful as you repeatedly interpret it to be. Regardless of your circumstances in life, you could still experience a quality of state of existence if you refuse to negatively perceive your experiences in life. No level of struggle, challenge, or obstacle can derail you from the path of massive success if you haven’t already denied yourself from a life of victory through negative beliefs. You cannot expect to discover your true abilities and capabilities in life if you are always living in fear and doubts. Adopting the habits of blaming others and making excuses would only obstruct one’s goals and dreams. Enjoy these inspirational and motivational quotes and images about our deepest fair, our greatness, beauty, sacrifice, virtues, difficulties by Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Arthur C. Clark, Kahlil Gibran, Indian Proverbs, Benjamin Franklin, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Tryon Edwards, John Lennon, William Saroyan, Mahatma Gandhi, Ernest Hemingway, Eckhart Tolle, Bruce lee, Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wilde, Chunk Palahniuk, HL Mencken, Hunter Thompson and Dwight Eisenhower, Lao Tzu, and John F. Kennedy.

In order to succeed in living your life to the fullest, you must condition your subconscious mind to continuously work in your favor. You must give your all to the universe before it can attract so many blessings to your life. A mind that is always sheltering fear and doubts can never produce a happily and massively success. You have to at all times see yourself as one who is blessed with limited abilities and capabilities. However, seeing yourself as having all the tools for a life of greatness isn’t enough if you aren’t consistently putting them to positive use. Even when things start to get extremely challenging in your life, you must not convince yourself to believe that you are incapable of transcending beyond your struggles to receive your future appointed blessings.

You were not born to live in fears and doubts. Thinking small and playing small aren’t your missions in life. You were created to be very confidence and courageous at all times. The spirits of persistence and perseverance were instilled in you by God upon your arrival on earth. With that being said, thee only limit to how high you can climb lies in your repeated perceptions of your abilities and capabilities. Therefore, you must dare yourself to be as great as you can humanly become. In addition to daring yourself for greatness, you must also challenge yourself to live unconditionally happy by habitually doing your very best to only find and focus on the positivity in every event in your life. Promise yourself to always put your God’s given abilities and capabilities to use as often as possible. Pursue your goals and dreams fearlessly. Challenge and replace any thought that comes in-between your destiny on earth. You are worthy of greatness. You deserve to be unconditionally happy. However, it is your daily responsibility to ensure that your daily thoughts, decisions, and actions are constantly working in your favor. Always remember that despite what your circumstances may be, you can only be held back in life through negative beliefs, decisions and actions. Inspirational and Motivational Quotes and Images on Our Deepest Fear, Doubts, Goals, Dreams, Abilities, Capability and Greatness.


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