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Discover your true passion and turn it into a dream; give   it everything that you have and your future will definitely be free of guilt.   Edmond Mbiaka Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes

Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a   most undesirable sentiment. If you have behaved badly, repent, make what   amends you can and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time.   On no account brood over your wrongdoing. Rolling in the muck is not the best   way of getting clean. Aldous Huxley


Guilt is not a response to anger; it is a response to   one’s own actions or lack   of action. If it leads to change then it can be useful, since it is then no   longer   guilt but the beginning of knowledge. Yet all too often, guilt is just   another   name for impotence, for defensiveness destructive of communication;   it becomes a device to protect ignorance and the continuation of things   the way they are, the ultimate protection for changelessness. Audre Lorde


Guilt is the sum total of: All the negative feelings we have ever had about ourselves! Any form of self-hatred, self-rejection, feelings of worthlessness, sinfulness, inferiority, incompetence, failure, or emptiness. The feeling that there are things in us that are lacking or missing or incomplete. Ken Wapnick


How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself. Publilius Syrus Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


I am suspicious of guilt in myself and in other people; it is usually a way of not thinking, or of announcing one’s own fine sensibilities the better to be rid of them fast. Lillian Hellman


I have never smuggled anything in my life. Why, then, do I feel an uneasy sense of guilt on approaching a customs barrier? John Steinbeck


If a man has beheld evil, he may know that it was shown to him in order that he learn his own guilt and repent; for what is shown to him is also within him. Baal Shem Tov


In a free society, some are guilty. But all are responsible. Abraham Joshua Heschel Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


In the small circle of pain within the skull
You still shall tramp and tread one endless round
Of thought, to justify your action to yourselves,
Weaving a fiction which unravels as you weave,
Pacing forever in the hell of make-believe
Which never is belief: this is your fate on earth
And we must think no further of you.  T. S. Eliot


It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one. Voltaire


It is not a gain that guilt should be wholly forgotten. On the contrary, it is loss and perdition. But it is a gain to win an inner intensity of heart through a deeper and deeper inner sorrowing over guilt.  Sören Kierkegaard


It is only too easy to compel a sensitive human being to feel guilty about anything. Morton Irving Seiden Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


It is quite gratifying to feel guilty if you haven’t done anything wrong: how noble! Whereas it is rather hard and certainly depressing to admit guilt and to repent.  Hannah Arendt


It’s not that I don’t have a conscience, it’s just that why should I feel guilty for my present crimes, when my past ones are so much worse?” Sanjay Singh


Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can. Jane Austen


Make friends with guilt. Guilt is a beautiful emotion that alerts us when something is wrong so that we may achieve peace with our conscience. Without conscience there would be no morality. So we can greet guilt cordially and with acceptance, just as we do all other emotions. After we respond to guilt, it has done its job and we can release it. Glenn R. Schiraldi


Many people feel “guilty” about things they shouldn’t feel guilty about, in order to shut out feelings of guilt about things they should feel guilty about. Sydney J. Harris Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent. William Shakespeare


Nothing can produce so great a serenity of life as a mind free from guilt and kept untainted, not only from actions, but purposes that are wicked. By this means the soul will be not only unpolluted but also undisturbed. The fountain will run clear and unsullied. Plutarch


Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind; the thief doth fear each bush an officer. William Shakespeare


The guilty think all talk is of themselves. Chaucer


The race of mankind would perish did they cease to aid each other. We cannot exist without mutual help. All therefore that need aid have a right to ask it from their fellow-men; and no one who has the power of granting can refuse it without guilt. Walter Dill Scott Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


The six phases of a project: 1. Enthusiasm 2. Disillusionment 3. Panic 4. Search for the Guilty 5. Punishment of the innocent 6. Praise and Honors for the Non-Participants. Unknown


There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no greater guilt than discontentment. And there is no greater disaster than greed. Mandy


There is no order of difficulty in miracles, for they are all the same. Each is a gentle winning over from the appeal of guilt to the appeal of love. Foundation for Inner Peace


There is scarcely anything more important in the government of men than the exact – I will ever say pedantic – observance of the regular forms by which the guilt or innocence of accused persons is determined. Winston Churchill


This is his first punishment, that by the verdict of his own heart no guilty man is acquitted.  Juvenal


Those obstinate questionings Of sense and outward things, Fallings from us, vanishings, Blank misgivings of a creature Moving about in worlds not realized, High instincts before which our mortal nature Did tremble like a guilty thing surprised. William Wordsworth Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


To make no mistakes is not in the power of people, but from their errors and mistakes the wise and the good learn wisdom for the future. Plutarch


We make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars; as if we were villains by compulsion. William Shakespeare


When we hold onto the negative in ourselves it comes with endless
guilt. We hold onto a lifetime of floating visions and regrets about
what we should have done or should have become. Conscience
recognizes wrong and tries to atone. But guilt turns into resentment.
Conscience brings us closer to each other; guilt drives us apart.
Create a new feeling. Every time guilt settles in your stomach,
write “I forgive” on a piece of paper. Send it up the chimney, tear
it up and flush it, put it in the garbage. Don’t eat it. Jennifer James


Where all are guilty, no one is; confessions of collective guilt are the best possible safeguard against the discovery of culprits, and the very magnitude of the crime the best excuse for doing nothing. Hannah Arendt Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes


With integrity you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt. With fear and guilt removed you are free to be and do your best. Zig Ziglar


[Albert] Gorres shows that the feeling of guilt, the capacity to recognize guilt, belongs essentially to the spiritual make-up of man. This feeling of guilt disturbs the false calm of conscience and could be called conscience’s complaint against my self-satisfied existence. It is as necessary for man as the physical pain that signifies disturbances of normal bodily functioning. Whoever is no longer capable of perceiving guilt is spiritually ill, “a living corpse, a dramatic character’s mask,” as Gorres says:
“Monsters, among other brutes, are the ones without guilt feelings. Perhaps Hitler did not have any, or Himmler, or Stalin. Maybe Mafia bosses do not have any guilt feelings either, or maybe their remains are just well hidden in the cellar. Even aborted guilt feelings…All men need guilt feelings.” Pope Benedict XVI Guilty Quotes|Guilt Quotes




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